Metal Fabrication

Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate

Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois, 2005 Site Project Supervisor, MTH Industries & Performance Structures Seamlessly welded piece, crafted from individual sheets of stainless steel, which were hand-rolled and polished. To ensure that each sheet was an exact color match, the steel came from a single ingot, poured in Sweden. Materials: Stainless Steel Dimensions: 33 feet high x 66 feet wide x 42 feet long

The Titanic Experience

Fox Studios Australia Sydney, Australia, 1999 Welder and Fabricator, Performance Structures Lower and upper motion bases for theme park ride, including side of ship, gymnasium, and third-class lounge. Materials: Steel and Wood Dimensions: 60 feet x 40 feet x 30 feet for each section (approx)

Baseball Mitt

PacBell Park (now AT&T Park) San Francisco, CA, 2000 Welder, Performance Structures Replica of 1927 four-fingered glove in left field of professional baseball park. Materials: Steel and Fiberglass Dimensions: 28 feet x 20 feet x 8 feet